About us

We are a network of change agents who aim to support you in optimizing your operations in public health, health promotion and disease prevention to achieve individual and social benefits.

We provide expertise and support to enhance the functioning of your organization and the success of your programmes, interventions and policies – to help you reach your organizational goals, sub-national or national goals, or international commitments.

Our multicultural, multilingual team works with a strong passion for promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups and populations.

How we work

We work on the basis of mutual trust and in the interest of public health.

We see each and every intervention, policy and organization as unique – influenced by its cultural, political, economic, built and natural environment.

Therefore, in an initial step we seek to obtain the best understanding of our clients’ needs and the complexity of the issue to be addressed to produce tailored solutions.

We consult within our group of international experts to ensure highest quality outcomes.

Our company

Public Health Promotion is a Swiss-based company founded in 2010 and is jointly owned by Dr Bertino Somaini, Mr Kai Engelhardt and Dr Katrin Engelhardt.

We closely collaborate with an international network of health professionals carrying expertise in a wide range of public health topics.

Meet our team

Public Health Promotion is a Ltd with its home office located in Switzerland. We work with independent interlaced experts and groups from Australia, the USA, Europe, and Asia. We are a multilingual team of experts with long year experience in a range of health promotion and disease prevention activities. Because of our vast multinational experience, we use this knowledge and specialize in developing plans that are region specific.
Kai Engelhardt has been a risk assessor and (re)-insurance specialist for over 15 years, working in different countries across America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Kai is also the founder of executivesportsconsult, a network of professional supporting business executives in achieving their long lasting dream by providing structured training and health programs. In October 2018 Kai was appointed to Executive Director of Public Health Promotion.

Throughout Kai’s career, the balance between work, family life and personal health has always been paramount. Aside from the ambition to move up the corporate ladder, Kai always felt it to be important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spend time with his family. The successful handling of these three core components and the desire to help other professionals in overcoming this challenge led Kai to create executivesportsconsult in 2013.

Thanks to the access to a network of certified nutritionists, experienced business men and proven athletes Public Health Promotion and executivesportsconsult together can offer a full range of services, as further described here.

Kai Engelhardt

Katrin Engelhardt is a public health nutritionist with over 15 years experience in health promotion, and specifically programmes and policies to prevent and control all forms of malnutrition.

Katrin coordinated the regional nutrition programme of the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific Region (WPRO) from 2013-2017, and was Technical Officer for Health Promotion and NCDs at WPRO in 2012 and 2009. Since 2002 she worked with government and non-governmental organizations to strengthen health promotion infrastructure and financing, and on issues related to urbanization and health and healthy settings, including as advisor to the Seoul Metropolitan Government (Republic of Korea) from 2004-2006.

Katrin was employed as lecturer and researcher on global health issues at various universities, including the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany; the University of Applied Sciences in Kärnten, Austria and the Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea.

Employers / contractual partners have included for example, the Global Obesity Center (GLOBE) at Deakin University, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Korean Institute of Health and Social Affairs, Kickbusch Health Consult, and SECONDMUSE.

Katrin Engelhardt

nutritional scientist, public health professional

Bertino Somaini is a medical doctor from Switzerland with a special diploma in Preventive Medicine and in Public Health. Bertino Somaini has a wide expertise in the work with members of NGO, governments, and international organizations within Public Health, Prevention and Health Promotion. Of special interest is the ability to combine and maintain a balance of various topics (e.g. exercise, nutrition, weight, stress and political decisison process). He is consultant on prevention and health promotion to the WHO, UNICEF and other organisations.
Bertino Somaini

medical doctor