Areas of work

We focus on three areas of work:

Public health programs and interventions

enhance success of public health programs and interventions

Public health policies

enhance success of public health policies

Systems change

governance of implementation systems

Tailored sports and health programs

structured programs tailored to individual’s specific needs

Public health programs and interventions

We work with governments and non-state actors to help them enhance success of public health programs and interventions. Success depends on a number of factors, including the capacity and resources to implement the program, the support for implementation – and of course the complexity of the issue to be addressed. We take a closer look at all of these factors to provide targeted advice, and encourage discussion about mistakes and what we can learn from them.

Examples of public health programs and interventions we have supported:

  • Health promoting schools
  • Programs in health services
  • Worksite health promotion programs
  • Disease prevention programs

Public health policies

We provide technical support and advice to governments to enhance success of public health policies. Successful policy implementation requires commitment – at various levels of government. Like public health programs and interventions, success depends on the capacity and resources to implement the policy, the support for implementation and the complexity of the issue. We help identify synergies with other policies, for example to strengthen enforcement, if mandatory; and integrate experiences across topics and countries, as appropriate.

Examples of public health policies we have supported:

  • Health promotion infrastructure policies
  • Non-communicable disease prevention policies
  • Healthy diet policies
  • Communicable disease prevention policies
  • Life-stage specific policies

Systems change

The success of public health programs, interventions and policies is influenced by the systems in which they are implemented and the governance of these systems, including of the organization responsible for implementation.

In specific, we take a closer look at existing governance mechanisms and structures of the organization to provide targeted advice, including for example:

  • the roles and responsibilities of staff
  • the capability of the staff
  • separate structures for governance and management (e.g. the separation of the board, which governs and sets policies, exercises oversight, from the managements, which runs the organization)
  • available resources and resource management
  • mechanisms that facilitate collaboration and partnerships
  • mechanisms to prevent and manage conflicts of interest, and
  • accountability and transparency mechanisms

If you want it done, create an environment where “doing it” is more important to people than not doing it. Where “doing it” well becomes a way of life.


Examples of support provided to systems change:

  • Creating political support
  • Establishing governance structures for health promotion foundations
  • Health promotion leadership training and support
  • Creating networks and partnerships
  • Preventing and managing conflict of interest

Tailored sports and health programs

Our tailored sports and health programs target individual clients in senior management positions, business executives and diplomats who live busy lives trying to find the right balance between successful careers, coping with the challenges of family life combined with a strong desire to keep in shape.

Through our combined expertise in the fields of nutrition, sports and corporate life, we offer structured programs tailored to each individual’s specific needs and desires.

Our aim is to support our clients in fulfilling their long lasting dreams – the dream they have had for so many years but have not managed to achieve it as of yet. This could be anything from losing weight to performing a 10K run, the completion of a marathon, a triathlon or even an Ironman.

Our programs predominantly focus on the achievement of a sports objective but can also be extended to a healthier nutrient intake with the objective of attaining a sustainable weight level.